Wednesday 11 December 2013

Rose Davies - Palace Corner Advent

Opening the door on Social Advent no.11
Winding our way along the Southbank ever closer to Blackfriars Bridge and the renowned Tate M we find ourselves on the jetty outside the more modest OXO Gallery.

On the 11th day of Christmas we are saying hello to artist Rose Davies and on this chilly morning she shares with us her piece; 'Palace Corner Advent' - a fitting title for a Cardboard City themed brief.
Rose is a seasoned blogger herself, going by the name of Rosie Scribblah she responds with on site drawings and then writes up her experiences on her blog:

Here's an excerpt from a recent blog moment:
I had an early start today and walked across the city to do some shopping to make cakes for the
Rose Davies - Palace Corner Advent
exhibition opening tomorrow and on my way back I spotted these two men asleep on the pavement down a side street. It was about 9.15 am and I was quite shocked. There’s one regular street person who tucks himself down every evening; he’s been doing it for decades and refuses offers of housing, preferring to live on the streets. But I’ve never seen anyone else out in the open like this. There are all sorts of reasons why people might be in this situation, but really, in one of the wealthiest countries in the world, it isn’t right. Why haven’t we cracked this problem yet?

Graduating from Art College at the end of the 70’s, Rose refers
 to this period of her life as; 'surviving punk, post-modernism and the rise of Thatcherism with a belief in traditional art values,
Social Advent - on the jetty near the
OXO Tower

particularly drawing, intact'. Like many other struggling young artists at that time she developed a secondary career, working with the homeless and drug dependent people. Her work with the excluded influenced her and reflects her admiration for the beauty and resilience of the human body, which seems able to withstand the harsh conditions of the modern city. 

With todays artist bringing such a strong connection to our themes of Social Advent & Cardboard City what will tomorrows artist bring to the table?


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