Thursday 5 December 2013

Ann Kopka - Social Advent 5

Social Advent no.5 - above the
National Theatre
So here we are, at day number 5 and after yesterday's fantastic launch of Angela Malone's cardboard city contribution; Augustine no.9 it's now time to introduce a new artist to the project.

Ann Kopka shares with us her poignantly themed piece; 'Gimme Shelter' which has found refuge on the stairwell of the roof area above the National Theatre.

As you can tell, we have been winding our way along the Southbank in an Easterly direction this time - this could be setting a trend for the following releases……

More about our artist of the day:

Anne Kopka - Gimme Shelter
Ann Kopka’s current painting practice is inspired by encounters with the architecture of man made and natural urban landscapes. Based on curiosity, research and experimentation with her own digitally manipulated images,
Ann’s paintings are underpinned by a strong visual emphasis on structure, colour and light. Her paintings are built up in multiple layers of saturated colour, giving the finished results vibrant surfaces with distinctive three dimensional qualities. 
Ann is also engaged in researching the properties of discarded ephemera with little or no intrinsic value, drawing attention to the throwaway nature of consumer society and questioning our perception of its value systems. Discarded paper items, packaging, teabags and charity shop finds are subjected to investigative processes and may be transformed into tactile reliefs and wall hangings or used in installations.

Gimme Shelter by Ann Kopka
Ann has exhibited her artwork extensively in London, the UK and also the USA. She has been selected for solo exhibitions at The Barbican Centre Library in the City of London, Harrow’s white cube space The Gallery@HAC and Brent Civic Centre London. Her work has been exhibited in many group shows including exhibitions at the Menier Gallery London, Bankside Gallery London, Espacio Gallery London, RED Gallery London and Coningsby Gallery London. 

With such diverse and engaging artworks being released every day what will Social Advent no.6 offer us tomorrow. Tune in to find out as my co-curator and Collect Connect artist, Alban Low launches the big reveal somewhere along the Southbank. 


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