Tuesday 3 February 2015

Catherine Wynne-Paton - Raft at Sea

Catherine Wynne-Paton - Raft at Sea
Welcome to the Dwell exhibition and book. For a whole month we will be taking each artist's page and transforming it into a 3 dimensional dwelling. Each one of these small sculptures will be exhibited in public on the London streets.

Today we are cast adrift with Catherine's Raft at Sea.

Catherine has recently graduated from Hereford College of Art and we are very pleased to welcome her back for her second Collect Connect exhibition.
courtesy of http://www.wynnepaton.co.uk/
Catherine's work 'explores the gap between random and meaningful, centred on text, seeking to locate the liminal place when meaningful becomes random'.(http://www.wynnepaton.co.uk/)

 This image, taken from Catherine's web site, suggests something on the verge of being recognised, either a representation on the way to becoming seen or a form that is disintegrating or dissolving. I find this visual tension appealing.

Raft at sea is likewise a very appealing piece of work. I particularly like the simplicity of the net. The detail here shows the net for the logs for the raft. It is hard to imagine from the flat net how the neat little raft comes about until one has a go at building it.

Here we can sea Raft at Sea on the Regents Canal at Kings Cross.
This area of London has undergone massive redevelopment recently including the canal area and both Kings Cross and St Pancras International railway stations.
The raft proved to be surprisingly buoyant and floated quite happily in the somewhat murky canal water before eventually becoming waterlogged and needing rescuing!

Don't forget to have a look at the next Collect Connect project, 'The Art of Caring' exhibition at The Rose Theatre in Kingston-upon-Thames. The theme is Caring/Care and it is FREE to enter.

To buy the Dwell Book for £6 then follow this LINK.

Catherine Wynne-Paton - Raft at Sea

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