Thursday 19 February 2015

Malc Dow - Escape Dwelling

Malc Dow - Escape Dwelling
Welcome to the Dwell exhibition and book. For a whole month we will be taking each artist's page and transforming it into a 3 dimensional dwelling. Each one of these small sculptures will be exhibited in public on the London streets.

Malc Dow
Today we're firing up the burners for Malc Dow's 'Escape Dwelling'. It is the only sculpture from the book that cannot be found on the streets, instead we've chosen a much more combustible setting. Malc Dow is the mystery man of CollectConnect exhibitions. He has consistently exhibited and published with us since since the Brighton Open in 2011 when we placed his 'Naked Ape' magnets along the seafront of the popular arty town. He was one of the artists who exhibited in the forerunner to this show Cardboard City in 2013.

Despite regular contact he still remains an enigma, his art graces the cover of a Fernando Poo record and he leaves snippets of his life in my inbox which lay tiny thought-bombs in my mind. Dow is an artist who is passionate about communications, non coercive learning, freedom of speech. So our philosophies here at Collectconnect have comfortably rubbed shoulders with his.

Malc Dow also dips in and out of the internet's public gaze and his net for the Dwell exhibition is equally elusive. His escape dwelling is "designed to float in a flood and remain standing in an earthquake" and can be scaled up to 1:10,000 if things get really bad here on earth. We decided to put it to the test, placing a miniature Malc Dow and his net in this fiery environment. This might be another tempting activity to try during this half-term holiday, building a village of our paper nets and re-enacting the great fire of London. I would expect the mysterious Malc Dow to appear in Pied Piper of Hamlyn style to lead us all away.

Don't forget to have a look at the next Collect Connect project, 'The Art of Caring' exhibition at The Rose Theatre in Kingston-upon-Thames. The theme is Caring/Care and it is FREE to enter.

To buy the Dwell Book for £6 then follow this LINK.

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