Sunday 15 February 2015

Julien Masson - Abri

Juilen Masson - Abri
Beside Regents Canal, London
Welcome to the Dwell exhibition and book. For a whole month we will be taking each artist's page and transforming it into a 3 dimensional dwelling. Each one of these small sculptures will be exhibited in public on the London streets

Julien Masson
courtesy of
On this lazy sunday morning we're waking up to Julien Masson's dwell, Abri, on the banks of Regent's Canal in London.  Masson is a digital artist and painter based in the South of England. He studied Fine art in France, the UK and in Italy at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Venice and has a Masters in Computer Animation. We know him best as one half of Artsim with Canadian artist Ian Kirkpatrick. Their artworks have graced our exhibitions for years, their first was in Nottingham for Lightbite in 2011.

Julien Masson's work is ideal for the dwell project, for years his work has employed the wonder of the net. His creations have a science fiction edge, robotic humanoids rise from their 2 dimensional worlds to populate galleries. The computer-designed panels interlock seamlessly like his own  interest in science, history and popular culture.

Spitfire Transformer (2010). Digital media
This is no ordinary net, but lets face it few have been for this excellent project. There is illusion at play here too, Masson toys with space and our perceptions. As well as his Artsim work Masson uses imagery from underwater scans, sound waves and seismic records in his more Fine Art driven practice.  This style is an exploration of line, colour and volume. It overflows into his work here for the Dwell book. New spaces are created within the surface of his pyramid using line as design and deceit.

Don't forget to have a look at the next Collect Connect project, 'The Art of Caring' exhibition at The Rose Theatre in Kingston-upon-Thames. The theme is Caring/Care and it is FREE to enter.

To buy the Dwell Book for £6 then follow this LINK.


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