Sunday 15 October 2023

Alertism - Natalie Low

Welcome to the Alertism exhibition, featuring artistic and literary works that were inspired by the Emergency Alert test message that was sent to people with a mobile device on Sunday 23rd April at 3pm.

Natalie Low has many strings to her bow, embracing many of the strange and wonderful artistic formats that CollectConnect has thrown her way. A highlight of her street art career so far would be her delicate crocheted sculpture for the Small World Futures exhibition in 2018. Here are her words accompanied by a response from Ana Pascual Veraart. Thank you Ana.

Natalie Low

First Responder: Ana Pascual Veraart

The copy leans towards a positive, calming message. It does promote hopefulness and caution, but does not deliver substantial guidance, which during a state of alert is not only helpful to individuals, but necessary.
Specific instructions and guidance aid individuals in a sense of control and purpose. The alert stage is the optimum time to reinforce needed behavior in preparation for emergencies.
For example, “Stock up on things you think are important.” should be more specific and expanded with examples. Alerts may cause people to panic.  Having a quick list of examples helps prompt thinking.
Well done on addressing state of mind and delivering ways to calm, center, and focus.


Natalie Low is a creative knitter, stitcher and quilter. She lives in London, UK with her charming family. She has published two chapbooks Dementia (2015) and recently School Run (2017).

Ana Pascual Veraart brings a fresh perspective to this exhibition from the other side of the Atlantic. The most recent Test Alert in the United States was just a few days ago on the 3rd October 2023. The test was organised by Federal Emergency Management Agency and  assessed two alert systems: the emergency alert system (EAS), which plays on TV and radio, and the wireless emergency alert (WEA).

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