Friday 27 October 2023

Alertism - Stanimir Dimitrov

Welcome to the Alertism exhibition, featuring artistic and literary works that were inspired by the Emergency Alert test message that was sent to people with a mobile device on Sunday 23rd April at 3pm.

It's the final day of the Alertism exhibition and we hope you feel fully alerted! Thank you to everyone who has taken part (artists, writers and First Responders). We finish the exhibition with a new writer (to us), Stanimir Dimitrov, a bright spark in the world of poetry and creative writing. He echoes a sentiment that we at Collectconnect hold in very high respect, to stay connected to each other. Sometimes it's that simple. Dean Reddick sends us his response below. 

Stanimir Dimitrov

First Responder: Dean Reddick

Dean Reddick


Stanimir Dimitrov is a graduate of Creative and Professional Writing (incl. Foundation) at Kingston University London. He has performed live at the National Gallery, London and published his brilliant debut pamphlet, man/ia, in 2022.

Dean Reddick is a legend, art therapist by day, highly original sculptor and conceptual artist by night. He likes drawing trees, birds and sharing ideas with his fellow CollectConnect artists.

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