Tuesday 24 October 2023

Alertism - Stella Tripp

Welcome to the Alertism exhibition, featuring artistic and literary works that were inspired by the Emergency Alert test message that was sent to people with a mobile device on Sunday 23rd April at 3pm.

Often alerts come in the form of a visual warning, a code that needs to be deciphered. In an increasingly overloaded visual landscape we are bombarded with signals via phones, road signs, and packaging. Which do we act upon first? Do we need to make a decision quickly? Here, artist Stella Tripp sends a triptych of images, the challenge for our First Responder is to unravel the mystery behind them. Jessie G Vaughan is our brave responder, she really puts herself on the line by opening the alert live on camera! Thank you to both artist and First Responder for adding a new and unexpected interplay for the exhibition.

Stella Tripp

First Responder: Jessie G Vaughan


Born in Taunton, Somerset, Stella Tripp travelled to her current home in Devon, a very long way round. After a few years in Israel, Stella returned to Taunton to do a foundation course; then on to Portsmouth (BA Hons Fine Art); a few years in London; three in the USA (MA Fine Art; MFA) and a year in Cornwall, before settling in Exeter. Stella works in a wide variety of media, crossing boundaries between drawing, painting and sculpture.

Jessie G Vaughan has been with us at CollectConnect since our first street art exhibition in 2010, Fab Fridge. When we exhibited mini magnetic artworks on the streets of Bath. She followed this up quickly with Freezchester, a magnetic exhibition in the Arndale Centre in Manchester. An excellent printmaker and artist in her own right, we look forward to exhibiting more Jessie G Vaughan artworks in the future.

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